The History of Croydon Spiritualist Church 1906 - 2021

This is a comprehensive history of Croydon Spiritualist Church compiled from the minutes of Committee meetings and Annual General meetings held from 1906 to 2021. How did the Church begin? What decisions were made that make it the church it is today? Who had the most influence on the progress of the Church? This is a fascinating account of how people who wanted to make a difference in their community, came together and sometimes with opposition, created one of the most important churches in the Spiritualist movement, where the standards expected at conception are still upheld today. The minutes are carefully recorded in the language of the time, polite and official and the book is recommended to anyone who appreciates reading about the history of any organisation.
ISBN: 9781803023472
Type: Paperback
Pages: 750
Published: 3 February 2022
Price: $17.25

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