A Wonderful Spiritual Journey

I began writing this book to bring to a greater number of people the wonderful communications received from my guide, Fine Feather, a man of such stature and with such a presence that it is a humbling experience to know him. We each have a guide in the Spirit world who is with us from the day we are born, helping us inspirationally throughout our physical lives and being able to respond to our needs, if only we would ask. After four years in a church development circle, it was becoming obvious that our curiosity about Spiritualism was not being satisfied by it's fairly slow progress, so some of us agreed to set up a regular home circle ‘just to see what might happen’. We had no preconceived ideas as to what we were sitting for. Improvements in our mediumship perhaps, physical phenomena,(surely far too ambitious!). Perhaps even, trance. Nevertheless, we sat regularly, eager to learn, in the hope that our commitment might bring results, in the knowledge that the many pioneers of Spiritualism sat for months, sometimes years, before their dedication produced any contact with the Spirit world. What follows in this book is the story of our progress. From sitting weekly for two hours when nothing much appeared to be happening, to the gradual awareness of people residing in the Spirit world who wished to communicate with us. Nothing could have prepared us for the wonderful journey on which we were about to embark.
ISBN: 9781785102110
Type: Paperback
Pages: 150
Published: 20 October 2014
Price: $11.95

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