Lady Luvverly's Chatter

Valerie Pole, AKA Lady Luvverly, presents a morning chat show on local radio with invited guests. She is a middle-aged coquettish character, in search of a bit of romance but it appears that, underneath her playful and kittenish behaviour, there lurks a subtle understanding of the human personality and a bit of history. She gets involved with an amateur operatic society about to perform a G & S piece and the urology department of a local hospital. There is a very delayed train journey which looks potentially to be ruining the plans of a group of people, including the director of the opera. Conversations during the delayed trip lead to several of the passengers meeting again during preparations for the opera. Douglas Easton, a somewhat bitter passenger on the train, by sheer chance, becomes involved in both Lady Luvverly’s radio show and the G & S production and, although he tries to scupper the production, Lady L and Dorothy, a warm and sympathetic train passenger with a tendency to muddle her words, help him to change his ideas. The antics of a drama lesson for seven-year-olds performing Rapunzel, keeps Jo Manners, their teacher, on her toes while she looks forward to an evening rehearsal of Patience and the attentions of her rather flirtatious and possibly fickle boyfriend Freddy. Eventually love looms ahead for the Cox brothers, Freddy and Howard (a young SHO in the local hospital), both leading men in the production of Patience, and also for Dorothy, Douglas Easton and Lady Luvverly herself. Will Dr Howard and Omar the radio weather forecaster continue to enjoy wall-to-wall sunshine and a warm front? Will Jo accept that Freddy really only has eyes (and other body parts) for her? Will the leopard Douglas Easton be able to change his spots under the warm sympathetic care of Dorothy? But mainly, will Lady Luvverly be able to extricate herself from an unwelcome bit of her past that has come back to haunt/taunt her? Can she look forward to enjoying the affections long term of the very wealthy Jonty Peebles, businessman, manufacturer of dog’s plastic raincoats and owner of several large and imposing properties?
ISBN: 9781835970683
Type: Paperback
Pages: 190
Published: 8 March 2024
Price: $11.95

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