Mystica, Making Waves and Seeking Rainbows

Mystica Sale has memories that she keeps hidden alongside a small box of coloured, forbidden, but fairly useless treasures - all from a time when love and family life was the norm. This is the story of a love affair, set in an unspecified future, where an unidentified event has produced a bland, depressing, dystopian lifestyle and a corrupt controlling government system. Colour, love and dreams are forbidden. Couples are “partnered”, according to the dictates of the system, encouraged to reproduce once and then sterilised. Individuals who show any spark of difference are termed “Loners”, and marked out for immediate sterilisation. They are destined to live on their own and any who continue to rock the boat vanish from society. Colour has been effectively removed from everyday life, suspicion and uncertainty is rife and friendship is discouraged. Mystica is a Loner. Lives are solitary for Loners and behind closed doors for partnered couples.
ISBN: 9781839450723
Type: Paperback
Pages: 322
Published: 19 November 2019
Price: $12.95

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