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Elizabeth Major studied at University of London, Goldsmiths’ College and taught in Bristol primary schools for ten years. After a period as Schools Liaison Officer for Bristol Festival for Children, she worked as General Manager for The Bristol Cancer Help Centre and subsequently became Administrative Director for the Bristol Urological Institute. She started writing poetry and short stories whilst bringing up her family, and has continued writing over the last thirty years. Married to Eric Wetherell, she has collaborated with him on several projects including The Diaries of Adam and Eve, an entertainment for two actors, chorus and chamber orchestra, written in 2000. We Are the Women came the following year and then, in 2003, she wrote A Matching of Powers for soprano, baritone and full orchestra. She has contributed the words for several solo songs and chorus pieces and in 2010 she and Eric Wetherell combined forces on the opera "A Foreign Field", based on the book by Ben Macintyre. This was followed by a second opera, "The Snow Child", from the book by the American author Eowyn Ivey, first performed in 2014. She has always enjoyed singing, and her interests have been as diverse as large choral works, part songs for small groups, jazz and the Gilbert and Sullivan repertoire, where she performed nearly all the "old hag" roles in a local G & S society over some 20 years. She also spent many happy hours singing with a local jazz quartet, soaking up the atmosphere in smoky pubs and at invited gigs. Her first novel "Mystica, Seeking Rainbows" was e-published in 2013, under her married name, Liz Wetherell. She is currently working on a Mystica sequel and has started a further novel, spanning 60 years from 1916 onwards. Further plans are to publish a collection of poetry and to put the Mystica novels on a proper hard copy published footing.

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Do you identify with dental phobia? Do you like people-watching? Do you have anxieties in hospital outpatient departments? Do you enjoy touches of anthropomorphism? Grey Silk is a collection of short stories written, according to the author, over far too ....
ISBN: 9781839450457
Published: 30 October 2019
Eric Wetherell led a varied and rewarding career. After his student days at Oxford and the Royal College of Music, he became an orchestral horn player for various orchestras. In the late 50s he was a repetiteur with the Royal Opera House where he worked c....
ISBN: 9781803026602
Published: 9 November 2022
Valerie Pole, AKA Lady Luvverly, presents a morning chat show on local radio with invited guests. She is a middle-aged coquettish character, in search of a bit of romance but it appears that, underneath her playful and kittenish behaviour, there lurks a s....
ISBN: 9781835970683
Published: 8 March 2024
This is a small collection of bits influenced by the wonderful operas of Mr William S Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan. In no way could anyone match, or even remotely come close to, the wonderful libretti produced by Gilbert. He was the master of the under....
ISBN: 9781839453113
Published: 19 May 2020
Mystica Sale has memories that she keeps hidden alongside a small box of coloured, forbidden, but fairly useless treasures - all from a time when love and family life was the norm. This is the story of a love affair, set in an unspecified future, where an....
ISBN: 9781839450723
Published: 19 November 2019
Following on from Mystica, Making Waves and Seeking Rainbows, this sequel is again set at an unspecified time in the future, after a series of catastrophic happenings which led to a corrupt and cruel governing administration.
ISBN: 9781839455506
Published: 7 November 2020
This is a collection of completely unconnected verse. It ranges from the serious to the ridiculous. We Are The Women was written as a song cycle in 2001 for soprano, mezzo soprano and piano, and performed as British military involvement in Afghanistan beg....
ISBN: 9781839450730
Published: 19 November 2019