Christmas is a time to rejoice but, for Zoe and Tom, it's a time to panic. Very soon, Zoe's mother, Meg – uncompromising and critical - will arrive in the Lake District to stay with them for the holiday, and everything has to be just so. Even grandchildren, Phoebe and Adam, are getting nervous. Zoe is put on the spot when her father, Hugh - Meg's estranged husband - asks to visit on Boxing Day. Zoe and Tom agree they must discuss this with Meg, before they give Hugh the green light. They are dreading her reaction. They know how much she resents Hugh for deserting her. Nobody, least of all Meg,could have imagined what a turning point her long train journey to the Lake District would prove to be. REVIEW: 'Hi Julia, my wife really enjoyed your book. She said it was well written and was impressed how you portrayed the main character learning about herself from the experiences of others. I will order a few more of your books for her to read. She has passed Megs journey to her mum and sister to read. She has taken note of a couple of typos and I will send you the details (I am away offshore at the moment) as soon as she sends them. Thanks, Julian'
ISBN: 9781786971203
Type: Paperback
Pages: 242
Published: 28 June 2016
Price: $12.65

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