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Julia Patten grew up in London but now lives at the edge of the UK's Lake District national park. Both her London and Lake District background is evident in much of her writing. After working for many years in public relations, and acquiring a degree in psychology, she began writing fiction in 2011. At the start of 2019, she has completed nineteen novels, five rhyming poetry books, one children's book and one collection of fifty short stories. Sometimes her novels carry a humorous edge, other times they concentrate on the more dramatic aspects o life, and psychological conundrums. They all feature characters in challenging situations, often with stormy relationships and difficult lives. Find out more and keep up to date by going to her website All her books are featured here and can be purchased from this site

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A collection of fifty-two rhymes and free verse reflecting the sombre times we live in. Includes politics, romance, life, health and a hint of humour.
ISBN: 9781803027937
Published: 9 April 2023
Nosy schoolteacher, Julia, visits the home where her distant friend, Caroline Wetherby, recently died. When she arrives, she finds more than she bargained for: skulduggery, death and an unsolved money mystery.Read more. Go to
ISBN: 9781785109218
Published: 30 June 2015
When jilted Rachael moves in with boyfriend Mark she soon discovers past betrayals. With anger in her heart, she turns to witchcraft for revenge but nothing goes according to plan.Read more. Go to
ISBN: 9781785109225
Published: 30 June 2015
HOPE - DESIRE - PASSION -DISAPPOINTMENT -REMORSE -REGRET-LOSSAspects of love and attraction captured in a collection of fifty-eight short rhymes.
ISBN: 9781803021287
Published: 27 August 2021
An isolated terrace of three cottages is the setting for this trilogy of strange tales. One cottage houses social service clients, another is a holiday let, and the third is in private ownership. Unikely individuals, from very different backgrounds find t....
ISBN: 9781786973467
Published: 30 September 2016
When Billy and Betty Walters open the Fandango dance club early in 2016, they think it will be plain sailing. What they don't bargain for is the influence of the EU Referendum in June. As the vote gets nearer, relationships turn sour. Club members split o....
ISBN: 9781786978783
Published: 28 June 2017
Intrigue, friendship, romance, death, family squabbles and a shady conspiracy: all feature in this unique story about a woman who is called away from her London life to arrange care for her cantankerous elderly father.Read more. Go to www.novelsforyou.wix....
ISBN: 9781786101433
Published: 15 September 2015
Seven easy-to-read, short chapters, taking the young reader (5 -9)through Spring to Autumn, and introducing lots of little garden characters, from Birtie Bug to Freddie Forsythia, Susie Snowdrop and many other flowering plants. Each chapter provides a sto....
ISBN: 9781786978745
Published: 28 June 2017
A compilation of simple diary notes from March 17, one week before lockdown, until July 4 when lockdown was eased. Be warned, the notes are boring and repetitive. Being locked down at home, alone, without being able to see friends and family, does not mak....
ISBN: 9781839457173
Published: 22 January 2021
Supermarket deliveryman, Roger Farley. is indecisive to the point of exasperation. Wife, Jen, fed up after twenty years of marriage, insists on a trial separation. How will he win her back and will he overcome his problem?Read more. Go to www.novelsforyou....
ISBN: 9781785109232
Published: 30 June 2015
Christmas is a time to rejoice but, for Zoe and Tom, it's a time to panic. Very soon, Zoe's mother, Meg – uncompromising and critical - will arrive in the Lake District to stay with them for the holiday, and everything has to be just so. Even grandchildre....
ISBN: 9781786971203
Published: 28 June 2016
MEMORIES ARE NOT ENOUGH is a slow-burning romance which gradually becomes complicated by murder, robbery, deceit, and spiritualism. It is a sequel to a previous novel, NEVER SAY GOODBYE, but is nevertheless a stand alone story. Key characters include Flor....
ISBN: 9781786976291
Published: 14 January 2017
When Peter Grant, an unemployed middle-aged professional, goes online seeking illicit companionship, it brings unexpectedly chilling consequences for everyone involved.Read more. Go to
ISBN: 9781785109300
Published: 30 June 2015
A slow-burning, paranormal mystery with a light touch.When the Blake family move to their new home, they gradually discover an evil force intruding on their lives. A series of inexplicable accidents leads them to investigate a grim past.
ISBN: 9781803021775
Published: 18 March 2022
Heartbroken when her husband dies in a cliff top fall, Grace believes his spirit will return to their cottage. After trying ways to make contact,with no success, she attends a seance but messages that come through turn strangely lethal.Read more. Go to ww....
ISBN: 9781786100450
Published: 11 August 2015
This is a collection of 34 snappy, mainly rhyming, poems with a difference. Each poem is based on five random words taken from the 9th O'Bheal Five Words International Poetry Competition.You will see the five words at the top of each page and the poem ben....
ISBN: 9781803025407
Published: 22 June 2022
Paraphernalis is an eclectic mix of sixty-five items, mainly rhyming poems (55), plus mini-sketches and short stories. Poem groups include OURDOORS, LIFE, LOVE and FAMILY. Mini-sketches and short stories may enourage a bit of a smile
ISBN: 9781803021423
Published: 2 September 2021
Paul Handy, 52, moves from the city to escape an unwanted relationship but soon finds himself entangled in more affairs. His future looks bleak when unexpected misfortune afflicts his new business venture. As he settles into the village community, he disc....
ISBN: 9781788768054
Published: 12 June 2019
This collection of 49 mainly rhyming verse is my ninth poetry book. Poems are separated into three sections: Dark Days of December - thoughts at the back end of the year; That's Life - a mix of topics; The Two of Us - the sadder side of romance.We all int....
ISBN: 9781835970331
Published: 2 February 2024
Pocket Money is a lighthearted romance.Single Mum, Laura, goes online to seek romance. She meets wealthy businessman, Rob who wines and dines her and whisks her away for sunny holidays. She begins to think they have a future together, until she finds evid....
ISBN: 9781786107343
Published: 10 February 2016
Twists and turns of modern-day political life are summed up in this 50-page booklet, with 31 tongue-in-cheek rhymes. Facts and references may not be one hundred per cent accurate, says Julia with a wince, but verses are written in unpretentious, straightf....
ISBN: 9781788762908
Published: 11 December 2018
A story of adult sibling rivalry, laced with secrets and lies.The relationship between abstract artist, Frida, 55, and her egotistical twin brother, Simon, can only be described as frosty. Simon is envious of Frida who inherited the Victorian family home ....
ISBN: 9781788764308
Published: 3 July 2018
Julia Patten lives at the edge of the Lake District, amidst the most beautiful scenery in England. RHYME AROUND THE LAKES brings all her concise nature poems, inspired by the coast, fells and dales, together in one place. She describes them as a combinati....
ISBN: 9781803021560
Published: 23 September 2021
Ninety-five quirky, unique rhymes, many relating to aspects and challenges of modern-day life. Some will make you smile. Others will make you think. SMILE, REFLECT, EMBRACE, ENJOY.More poems in: RHYME AROUND THE LAKES (nature), ENTWINED IN RHYME (aspects ....
ISBN: 9781788766906
Published: 11 January 2019
Sarah, seeking her family roots, takes up a new London job only to discover that each of her colleagues harbours a terrible secret.Read more. Go to
ISBN: 9781785109249
Published: 30 June 2015
A varied collection of 50 short stories, many with a final twist. Some are pure fiction, others based on reality, plus a couple to read to children. You'll find horror, paranormal, romance, humour and fantasy and more. At home, on holiday, on the bus, the....
ISBN: 9781788766517
Published: 11 December 2018
After four young siblings are orphaned and separated in a deadly house fire, they are dogged by visions of smoke and fire. This story follows each of them, as young adults, through a crucial, life-changing period when their lives unexpectedly collide and ....
ISBN: 9781839457166
Published: 22 January 2021
SNAPSHOT CORONA contains observations and reflections in light verse on the Covid-19 virus outbreak which spread across the world from China at the beginning of 2020.In the UK life as we knew it was locked down. Social events, sports events were cancelled....
ISBN: 9781803021041
Published: 10 September 2021
Does our subconcious affect our daily life? Do frightening childhood experiences leave a lasting legacy?After a gruelling divorce, 39-year-old Jenna Raison needs time to pull herself together. But how much time and will it really help? Childhood experienc....
ISBN: 9781788762618
Published: 24 February 2018
Patrick and Valerie's ten year marriage is rock solid until they swap roles after the birth of their daughter. Valerie is ambitious and can't wait to get back to work. But as soon as she returns, unintended consequences threaten their relationship. As the....
ISBN: 9781788762083
Published: 15 January 2018
Manipulative Josi Devlin is enraged by her boss's sexist Behaviour. She is determined to get matter what it takes.Read more. Go to
ISBN: 9781785109256
Published: 30 June 2015
When a new neighbour moves into leafy Middlehowe Moss, there's disapproval, chaos and horrifying consequences. A cast of larger than life characters.Read more. Go to
ISBN: 9781785109287
Published: 30 June 2015
When 28-year-old Chloe gets caught up in carnival mayhem, her precious red purse goes missing, sparking high levels of anxiety and suspicion. But the trauma goes deeper than she realises, taking her, step by step, towards dramatic life discoveries.COMMENT....
ISBN: 9781788767118
Published: 25 January 2019
Dark, action fantasy about the afterlife.Instead of finding herself in the Kingdom of Heaven, Dorothy finds herself on a mist-covered land floating in space. She soon learns this drab island is just a conduit to the more heavenly existence she'd expected.....
ISBN: 9781788768368
Published: 1 May 2019