Men Cry Alone

Men Cry Alone is a highly controversial novel that explodes the myth that men cannot be victims of domestic abuse by women. Although domestic abuse regularly receives a high profile in the media, for many people it remains a shameful secret. For men, the problem is compounded by an even greater reluctance to admit it is happening. With an increasingly ageing population, the problem of abuse between partners because one is suffering from dementia is a growing one. It is a hidden area within a hidden area in terms of domestic violence towards men. ‘I wept many times reading Men Cry Alone. It is a profoundly moving novel ... a compulsive read.’ Erin Pizzey, who opened the world’s first shelter for battered women in 1971. ‘The experiences of these fictitious characters echo the real life tragedies that I have dealt with for nearly thirty years.’ Susan Brown, Minister of Dornoch Cathedral. ‘A sensitive and touching portrayal of the far-reaching effects that dementia can have within a marriage.’ Alzheimer Scotland.
ISBN: 9781781768389
Type: Paperback
Pages: 300
Published: 24 July 2020
Price: $12.95

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