Not Fade Away

Not Fade Away is the fourth novel in the best selling Rock'n'Roll Years series by Pam Howes, the original Rock Fiction author. When Roy Cantello, lead singer with chart-topping band The Raiders, had an affair with Livvy Grant, a young singer half his age, it was to change his and wife Sammy's lives forever. Roy fathered a daughter. Livvy handed baby Harley to him and Sammy to bring up as their own and then vanished from their lives, only to reappear when Harley was sixteen. Roy became re-involved with Livvy and when she claimed to be pregnant again with his child, Sammy divorced him. The child wasn't Roy's, but the son of Livvy's late husband. Roy has raised Danny as his own. He and Livvy had a son the following year but their relationship failed. Roy remarried his wife Sammy six months ago and shares joint custody of the two little boys with Livvy. Everything is now warm and cosy in Roy's world, but not for long…
ISBN: 9781786973870
Type: Paperback
Pages: 226
Published: 14 October 2016
Price: $12.65

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