Of Firebeasts and Fleethorns

When Mike, Jo and Stevie find themselves separated and lost in a strange new world, their only thought is to find each other and get back home. Those efforts are continually thwarted by the actions of two half-goblins named Kreeg and Kroan and an evil being from the Barrenlands known only as Shadow. With the help of Erik, an adventurer from the Plains of Kinoor, and his companion mount Stormswift the Fleethorn, they finally get back together. Assisted by Rufus Redberry, a dwarf soldier, and Oliver Proudfoot the owner of an amazing circus, they journey North to where the way home lies. However, their desire to return home is fading and they find themselves separated again when the mighty Firebeast, Grakko, is let loose in the mountains. The Blue Goblins capture Mike and all seems to be lost when he is taken into Desolation Valley by Shadow. Will they ever get back together? Will they return home even though the desire is gone? Everything seems to be against them as a helpless Mike is hurled into a raging whirlpool.
ISBN: 9781786971647
Type: Paperback
Pages: 270
Published: 14 July 2016
Price: $12.95

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