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When I was young I was told that before trying to write about life I first needed to experience it. Now, several decades later, I feel that I have done just that. Let's see: soldier, zoo keeper, dog handler, security guard, pet shop owner, roof tiler, chemical process worker, just to name a few occupations. I have owned and run my own circus....I have owned and run my own zoo. As a performer I have been a clown, a knife-thrower, a fire-eater and trained lions, tigers and other wild animals. I am married with children and together we have travelled the World. Now I am not young, my children have grown up. My wife and I breed parrots as a hobby and I now can do what I have always wanted to do......Now I can write.

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When Mike, Jo and Stevie find themselves separated and lost in a strange new world, their only thought is to find each other and get back home. Those efforts are continually thwarted by the actions of two half-goblins named Kreeg and Kroan and an evil bei....
ISBN: 9781786971647
Published: 14 July 2016