the witch within her

While walking in the ‘old woods’, Jenny and Tommy take shelter from the rain in an old deserted cottage. The cottage is not quite what it seems and, once inside, they encounter an old woman who seems to have magical powers. They meet a cat named Wilhelmina who is able to transform into a person when she wants to. Now both Jenny and Tommy have speech problems and the old woman, whose name is Maddy Cronk, decides to help them. However, they are disturbed by three evil Witches who are intent on destroying Maddy. They escape and embark on a journey of strange adventure. Time and again they are attacked by the Evil Witches. They are imprisoned in a castle dungeon, they are pursued as they fly on broomsticks. Jenny is changed into a white mouse by accident and Tommy faces a huge snake. Many adventures follow as they try to reach the Witch’s.Council to ask for help. What is it about Jenny that is different. Is she becoming a Witch too? All seems to be lost when Tommy and Maddy Cronk are captured by the Evil Witches and tied up against the Burning Stakes. The fire is lit…..What can Jenny do? Will they ever be able to return to normality?
ISBN: 9781803022154
Type: Paperback
Pages: 176
Published: 11 October 2021
Price: $11.95

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