Overheard in a coffee shop

Alasdair Richardson has retired from MI6 in order to be closer to his three young children, after their mother dies in a road crash. He accidentally overhears a conversation in a Bath coffee shop between two young women; one is Sally-Jane Carson, who is telling her friend Kate that she believes she has seen her supposedly dead husband. Soon after, Alasdair’s ex-chief, Willie Henman, makes contact and explains that the dead husband, Charles Carson was one of his operatives and that he has had his suspicions that he is still alive and turned rogue. Alasdair having been persuaded to help, discovers Charles is recruiting attractive young Ukrainian women for espionage amongst French and English governments. He also discovers that the new MI5 boss has seconded Sally-Jane Carson from the Prime Minister‘s office, to work with his opposite numbers in MI6, to bring her rogue husband to justice. Whilst using the fracking business of oil and gas as a decoy, Alasdair sets himself up with the help of the beautiful Larissa, currently working for an American Oil exploration company. The result is deadly and Alasdair is faced with the killer.
ISBN: 9781786107435
Type: Paperback
Pages: 266
Published: 18 February 2016
Price: $12.95