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The village of Dropdown’s champion crime fighter comes in the formidable shape of Lady Hermoine Black, a local magistrate. On advice from the Crime Prevention Officer, WPC Konta, she arranges for her browbeaten husband, Admiral Sir Rodney Black KCB R.N., ret’d, to form a Neighbourhood Watch committee. Cases follow thick and fast, as the colourful members of the committee have to tackle a serial knicker nicker with a little help from some sloe gin. Followed by the arrest of some thieves whilst supporting the train drivers in Bengal, Even spraying the police with pig manure. All this before their final case of indecent exposure! The local Police Inspector, despite the enthusiastic support from his WPC, despairs of their efforts, which range from inept to quite farcical. They do have some success, but just when they are about to pat themselves on their backs they slip on another banana skin. Of course there is one person who is befriended by Sir Rodney and unloved by Lady Black. Introducing Jeremiah, at close on 80 he is Sir Rodney’s gardener, handyman, water bailiff, font of all useless knowledge and purveyor of one of Sir Rodney’s favourite tipples such as Jeremiah’s Sloe Gin. More to the point, Jeremiah is oft the saviour of Dropdown’s Neighbourhood Watch without even being a member!
ISBN: 9781788769556
Type: Paperback
Pages: 262
Published: 8 August 2019
Price: $12.95

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