Everybody in Sierra Leone has a story to tell of the ten years of a brutal civil war that devastated the country in the 1990’s. Like someone waking slowly from a nightmare they tried to put into words the horror of a whole decade of suffering which came to an end with the new millennium as UN and British soldiers ‘sorted out’ the rebels, whilst training and equipping the Sierra Leonean army. In typical fashion though, they minimised ‘the troubles’, as a way of processing the trauma and signalling the beginning of their recovery from it. Sierra Leoneans began to look forward with hope to the future. They dismissed all that had happened with an oft-heard Krio phrase: “How fᴐ do? = What can we do about that?” From its beginnings in 2002, Cliff College set out to supply resources and provide both church pastors and community leaders with a practical and culturally oriented part-time, two-year, level-two further training (refresher) course leading to an International Diploma in Applied Ministry and Mission (IDIAMM). Utilising experience gained at Cliff College we pioneered a practical course in ministry and mission relevant to the local context. The rest as they say is history! Read the inspirational story of what became known as the Cliff College International Training Centre (CCITC) which up to 2018 partnered churches doing training in Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Uganda. Everyone involved: sponsors, supporters, lecturers and trainees have learned together what it means to be ‘Partners in Training’. Sadly, this history from 2018-2020 must share something also of the destructive nature of authoritarian leadership. Without prior consultation, on the 16th May 2018 Cliff College ‘paused’ this work of God and effectively closed down this practical hands-on volunteer driven programme in favour of an ephemeral ‘event-based’ Global Partnerships. The past two years have shown how their ‘Globe-trotting’ paid staff multiply ‘partnerships’, whilst providing little practical training.
ISBN: 9781839454912
Type: Paperback
Pages: 450
Published: 8 October 2020
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