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Brought up in Bradford and Darlington, I became a minister of the Methodist Church and was ordained in the UK in 1971. Prior to that I was trained at: Wesley College, Headingly, Leeds; Wesley College, Bristol; and Kingsmead, Selly Oak , Birmingham, where my wife Dr Carole Jackson and I prepared for work overseas. We were stationed in the Methodist Church Sierra Leone, arriving there in 1969 and eventually returned after 10 fruitful years to ministry in the UK in 1979. For the next 20 years I continued in pastoral ministry in: Bristol; Bramhall Cheshire; and Ashton-under-Lyne before becoming Postgraduate Tutor at Cliff College, Derbyshire in the year 2000. That was, as I thought, five years before my 'official retirement age'. Whilst at Cliff College, we pioneered work: "Doing Training There' in Partnership with the Methodist Church Sierra Leone, which was recovering from the devastation caused by the 'troubles' of the 1990's. Since 2002, and continuing in so-called retirement until the present date, I have coordinated the work of what has become known as the Cliff College International Training Centre (CCITC), as we have shared in this distinctive partnership training programme with churches in Sierra Leone; Cuba; Nigeria and Uganda. I have been privileged to be supported in this work by more than seventy colleagues from many parts of the world, some of whom have contributed to the books that have been published through Feed A Read. My ever so slightly superior ability with the computer has meant that the Rev Prof David Dunn-Wilson has entrusted me with the proof-reading/editing/publishing of his two recent books for Lenten studies and in a labour of love we have re-published a fascinating book on the Dead Sea Scrolls, by my son-in-law's late father, Peter Kirk. Feed-A-Read, with its ever-helpful customer service team has made it possible for a comparative novice in this area like me to produce and publish books used with our trainees on our CCITC courses and make them available for wider circulation. Thank you Feed-A-Read

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AN INVITATIONI’m told that that there are exactly 5467 Promises in the Bible, but some say there are as many as 8,000! Whoever is right, one thing is certain-the Bible is a Book full of Promises. I was thinking about this when I stumbled on Sir Francis Ba....
ISBN: 9781788766142
Published: 26 November 2018
A collection of sermons about some 'saints' of the Bramhall Methodist Church who died during my ten years of ministry (1987-1997) in that Cheshire community.
ISBN: 9781803020730
Published: 3 August 2021
Reverend Richard and his wife Dr Carole Jackson, former missionaries in Sierra Leone (1969-79)received an unexpected invitation in May 2001 to attend the Conference of the Methodist Church Sierra Leone (MCSL). The churches, mosques and the country had bee....
ISBN: 9781785103551
Published: 26 November 2014
Reverend Richard and his wife Dr Carole Jackson, former missionaries in Sierra Leone (1969-79)received an unexpected invitation in May 2001 to attend the Conference of the Methodist Church Sierra Leone (MCSL). The churches, mosques and the country had bee....
ISBN: 9781785103551
Published: 11 December 2014
A personally presented biographical history of ordained ministry and training undertaken in West Africa and the United Kingdom with associated documentation and sermons.
ISBN: 9781803028880
Published: 16 August 2023
This book ‘MINISTRY AND MISSION MATTERS’ is being published as a companion volume to ‘GOING AND GROWING’ published by ‘Feed a Read’ in November 2014. ‘Going and Growing’ shared the history of the Cliff College International Training Centre from its incept....
ISBN: 9781785107467
Published: 7 May 2015
THE FOREWORDThis is the third of Prof David Dunn-Wilson’s annual Lenten books published in recent years through FeedARead. Following on from looking ‘Over My Shoulder’ during his journey through Proverbs (2016) we shared in ‘Wandering & Wondering’ (2017) ....
ISBN: 9781788761734
Published: 15 December 2017
A CONFESSION AND AN INVITATION Each year, like many Christians, I look for a book to be part of my Lenten devotions and there is never any shortage of excellent candidates. However, this year, I had a problem. It wasn’t their fault – it was mine. I once r....
ISBN: 9781786106438
Published: 8 January 2016
Everybody in Sierra Leone has a story to tell of the ten years of a brutal civil war that devastated the country in the 1990’s. Like someone waking slowly from a nightmare they tried to put into words the horror of a whole decade of suffering which came t....
ISBN: 9781839454912
Published: 8 October 2020
THE INTRODUCTIONThis is the story of my grandparents as far as I can trace. For me this has been a journey of discovery. There are many questions to be asked, and I have added more as information has become available. Some things we will never know. The v....
ISBN: 9781839450808
Published: 2 December 2019
ISBN: 9781786975768
Published: 9 December 2016
THERE AND THEN TO THE HERE AND NOW (OCCASIONAL LECTURES ON ASPECTS OF MISSION) INTRODUCTION The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines an accidental as something which is ‘subsidiary, not essential to a conception’ and that is what these lectures have been. Fr....
ISBN: 9781785105838
Published: 24 February 2015
AN INVITATION: The Bible is a map of Grace which gives access to a network of roads leading us to God. It has its splendid Motorways – the ‘fast-track’ highways along which we speed to precious truths (Psalms, the Gospels and the great Epistles spring to ....
ISBN: 9781786974969
Published: 30 November 2016