Quest of the Dicepterons - Volume 1 - The Blue People of Cloud Planet

Astronauts Olivia Medici and Scott Parker volunteer for a one way ticket to the stars after an SOS message is received from outer space. Together they form a formidable team; the Anglo-Italian Olivia contrasting with the calm, disciplined American. Their mission takes them to Cloud Planet where they discover the Blue People, a unique evolution of cold blooded beings. However, the Blue People are facing extinction as a result of the invasion of Cloud Planet by the Dicepterons. As they travel across the planet they disturb the dormant Dicepterons who attack and maroon them on the planet’s surface. Suddenly Seren appears, a striking female Blue person who has patiently waited for a response to the cry for help. Forced underground, Olivia nearly loses her life and has to be extracted from the planet. Scott continues the journey with Seren and learns the horrific history of this peaceful race. The Dicepterons attack again and Scott discovers their Achilles Heel. Olivia faces her demons in the black vortex of Hell and the Dicepterons are forced off the planet. Olivia decides to return to Earth. He remains on Cloud Planet. Neither could possibly guess where they will next meet.
ISBN: 9781788762410
Type: Paperback
Pages: 444
Published: 16 February 2018
Price: $14.45

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