Quest of the Dicepterons - Volume 3

In Volume 1, we saved The Blue People of Cloud Planet from extinction by the Dicepterons. In Volume 2, this frightening alien attacked our world and caused a disaster of colossal proportions. Earth fought back and ejected both alien discs with our astronauts on board! Now in the final part, our astronauts traverse the galaxies as the Dicepteron leads them to The Quanoxy Zeric Galaxy. Travel to places you could never have imagined. Visit new planets with remarkable life forms. Cleave into adjacent Universes and even back in time to discover how the Dicepterons evolved. Enter the amazing Quanoxy Zeric Galaxy and learn the shocking scenario that is The Quest of the Dicepterons. All life in the Universe is threatened to extinction. Can our astronauts stop the aliens’ plan? The climax will shock you.
ISBN: 9781786979605
Type: Paperback
Pages: 436
Published: 23 August 2017
Price: $14.45

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