REVELATION A Devotional Bible Study

Revelation provides a powerful declaration about God’s plan. The description of the glorified Christ is almost completely symbolic. “One like a son of man” is human yet with heavenly glory. The length of his garment showed His dignity as King and priest. The description that the girdle was around his chest means that it was not holding up His robe which meant He was at rest; His work was done. The Ancient of Days is depicted with white hair because He has existed from all eternity. Amen! The description of his eyes reflects Daniel 10:6. “His feet” showed that there had been no defilement from his paths on earth. The ‘right hand’ is a symbol of strength and protection, so it imparts strength.(Revelation 1:17). At God’s appointed time, the risen and ascended Lord Jesus will burst onto the world scene. Joined with Satan, the enemies of Christ will assemble their legions against Christ and his armies. Christ will win the battle and reign victorious forever! Jesus, the humble Servant is also the powerful, conquering King and Judge. Christ’s victory is assured. None can fulfil the conditions of opening the scroll until there appears on the scene the Christ who is Lion and Lamb, King and Redeemer. (Revelation 5:5) Jesus is both Messiah and Conqueror (Lion, Root of David) and the Lamb. Through the Lamb the victory is won. The seals are opened, and God’s purpose is worked out. One of the elders gave John a hint about who could open the scroll. In Christ human disaster has been turned into triumph. All weeping ceases when we look away from our shameful selves and put our trust in Him. Amen! Our sovereign Lord has sealed us for his own, we belong to him and his word is our assurance and our confidence. We need not be uncertain about our salvation. Heaven is waiting for us. The demons have power over evil men who they enter and control. They cannot hurt those with God’s seal. Not even the very worst tribulation can separate Christians from the love of God. God’s plan is so sure that even evil itself is made to serve his purposes. The Lamb himself is the lamp, the guiding principle of the new society. No might can stand against that of the Lord God. Babylon is described as a gorgeously dressed woman. Babylon is the mother of harlots; Zion is the mother of the Messiah and of the faithful of all ages. Babylon is drunk with the blood of the saints and brings ruin to the earth; Zion brings to the world life and salvation. Babylon ends in eternal destruction (Revelation 19:3) and becomes a dwelling of demons and hateful creatures (Revelation 18:2). Zion belongs to the new creation, in which God and his people will dwell forever. Amen! The triumph of the servants of God is now brought out with the imagery of a heavenly marriage. The triumph of God is speedy and certain. John saw heaven standing open, and there before him was a white horse whose rider was wearing many crowns symbolizing his universal authority. His robe is bloodstained, indicating that he carries with him the achievement of his sacrificial death. And he was given the sensational title King of kings and Lord of lords. There can be no possible doubt that this rider was the Lord Jesus Christ himself in the fullness of his divine majesty, riding forth in judgment, with the armies of heaven following him. Upon his release Satan will resume his deceitful activities, but on a larger scale. The power of God is so overwhelming that there cannot even be the appearance of a battle when He determines to destroy evil. There was something so terrible in the appearance of Him on the throne that, earth, and heaven themselves fled away from Him. The Last judgment has no terrors for those who are in Christ. (John 3:36; 5:24). What God starts he brings to fulfilment. His purpose as the Creator of all things cannot fail. The end is embedded in the beginning. The divine Alpha guarantees the attainment of the divine Omega. We have seen the glory of God in the person and work of Jesus Christ his incarnate Son. But one day the veil will be lifted, and we shall see God “as he is”. God’s children will have a blessed and exalted state. They will share in royalty. The time-measure used in the Second Advent is God’s. Jesus who originated all things as Creator, will bring all things to the end as Judge. For he is “the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End” (Revelation 22:13) What the Lord starts he completes. Jesus is also the abiding hope as the night grows long, proclaiming that dawn cannot be far off. The Bridegroom is nowhere to be seen! It is not for the bride to fetch her bridegroom; it is for the bridegroom to go and fetch his bride. She has made herself ready. She is dressed and adorned. Now she can do no more than wait for him to appear – except that she takes the liberty of expressing her longing for him: “The Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come!’ (Revelation 22:17). For the supreme ministry of the Holy Spirit is to bear witness to Christ, and the supreme desire of the bride is to welcome her bridegroom. The Book of Revelation thus ends with the church waiting, hoping, expecting, longing - the bride eagerly looking for her bridegroom, crying out for him, clinging to his promise that he is coming soon, and encouraged by others who echo her call: “Amen, Come, Lord Jesus.” Meanwhile, she is confident that his grace will be sufficient for her (Revelation 22:21) until the eternal wedding feast begins and she is united to her bridegroom forever. Amen!
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