ROMANS A Devotional Bible Study

The book of Romans introduces an understanding to a balance between the law and grace. Jews and Gentiles are both justified by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Romans is one of the central books of the New Testament. The book of Romans is not a piece of informal correspondence between friends but a document. The book is the New Testament’s most thorough exposition of salvation, describing its need, its nature, and its means, indicating its radical implications in the multiracial community and celebrating Jesus Christ crucified, risen, reigning, and coming as the only Savior. In Romans, the universal need for salvation is set forth powerfully. The book focuses on salvation as a gift from God, through grace by the blood of Christ Jesus. Paul begs the Christians in Rome, some of them slaves, to bear each other’s needs. Believers are saved in the past (justified), are continually being saved (sanctified), will ultimately be saved (glorified) when Christ returns. The inclusion of the Gentiles in the kingdom is a marvelous expression of God’s mercy. The outsiders have been welcomed inside, the aliens have become citizens, and the strangers are beloved members of the family. He who believers that Christ is Lord, divine and living, and believes if with sincerity and strength enough to confirm it – in baptism, in public life, in the face of unfriendly challenge, in all life’s social situation – is a Christian. Christ gives that for which multitudes would pay a price beyond belief – peace. God has no need to revise his promises. What he has said is unchangeable.
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Published: 31 December 2020
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