There is nothing like being in love with the ex-consort of the most lethal Demoness in the multiverse. When Selene leaves home to study abroad, she has no idea that there is a whole new world waiting for her. Meeting the sexy and mysterious Lord Ios at a masquerade ball in Dublin leads to the opening of a door to another world. Selene soon finds herself at the heart of an ancient prophecy, and hunted by one of the most lethal demons of all time, Lilith. Ios disappears back in time, seeking both the prophecy, and the ancient witch whom he hopes can help them. Selene tries to move forward in her own life, not knowing when Ios might return, not sure if she loves him, nor if Lilith will attempt to harm her to fulfil the prophecy. On a time travelling journey through exile, filled with love, hatred, passion, vengeance, and black magik—all cross paths through chance and deliverance to gain what every creature desires most…free will. This is the first of the Eternal Series.
ISBN: 9781788769136
Type: Paperback
Pages: 376
Published: 4 July 2019
Price: $11.77

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