Selene couldn’t keep her mind from returning to Ios.  Questions filled every hidden crevice of her heart and mind, echoing through every turn. Was he still in Chios? Was he safe? Was he thinking about her? And more annoyingly, was he alone? It didn’t help that his naked form remained burned into her brain. Every time she closed her eyes, there he stood, and it took her breath away. It had only been two days since he had left her, mostly naked, in his bed in London. Ios has disappeared back in time to trace Lilith's steps. Selene is left to try to exist as a human, while trying to figure out who she is. Life begins to unwind as Lilith captures the ancient witch Manto, and the prophecy comes to light, leaving the future unknown. Book 2 of the Eternal Series
ISBN: 9781803021836
Type: Paperback
Pages: 428
Published: 20 October 2021
Price: $14.45

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