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Often lost in many worlds through my youth, I have never lost the feeling of being transported by stories and adventures. I can only hope to share some of that in my own work. The Eternal Series was borne out of a tremendous life changing experience in 2013, and a desire to know more and experience more.

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There is nothing like being in love with the ex-consort of the most lethal Demoness in the multiverse. When Selene leaves home to study abroad, she has no idea that there is a whole new world waiting for her. Meeting the sexy and mysterious Lord Ios at a ....
ISBN: 9781788769136
Published: 4 July 2019
Selene couldn’t keep her mind from returning to Ios. Questions filled every hidden crevice of her heart and mind, echoing through every turn. Was he still in Chios? Was he safe? Was he thinking about her? And more annoyingly, was he alone? It didn’t help ....
ISBN: 9781803021836
Published: 20 October 2021