Rose & Laurie

A story of secrets and lies, betrayal and trust, but most of all the enduring quality of love. Two women, Rose and Laurie, living very different lives, each unaware their circumstances are about to change and their paths collide. Rose an outgoing, feisty woman, enjoys a challenge. She lives in London with her husband and has a fulfilling job and a daughter doing well at university. Her life is all mapped out - until she's blown off course by events outside her control. Laurie lives a quiet life on the Island of Arran in Scotland. Unmarried and childless, she struggles with disruption and uncertainty. When her mother's dementia reaches the point where she has to move her into a nursing home, Laurie sees only loneliness ahead - until she uncovers something that explains her past and will change her future. When their separate journeys bring them together, Rose and Laurie find they have more in common than they could ever have guessed.
ISBN: 9781839451348
Type: Paperback
Pages: 394
Published: 21 December 2019
Price: $13.13

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