Stronskavaal House

This is a second follow-up book to the Reluctant Detective series, featuring most of the same characters, including the main characters Mirabelle and Sam. It is set partly on Edinburgh and partly on the Island of Skye, where Sam was born and brought up, and where he and Mirabelle met. Mirabelle and Sam’s daughter and granddaughter, Summer and Rosie, live on the Island of Skye in an old guest house owned by two friends of Mirabelle's, Kay and Esme. Esme and Kay have ambitious plans to build an extension to Stronskavaal House but they are beset by no end of problems and they begin to fear the work is being deliberately sabotaged. But by whom and why? Could it be prejudice against incomers to the community? Or is there a different, far more sinister reason? While Mirabelle is visiting, she and Esme join forces to investigate the mystery. What they uncover has far-reaching effects on all of them.
ISBN: 9781803027623
Type: Paperback
Pages: 360
Published: 1 March 2023
Price: $11.39

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