These rare black and white images give us glimpses of the distant and mysterious land of Burma/Myanmar. For many years it was shut off from the world under a repressive military government and now in 2018 current events are disturbing and puzzling to the world. Here we see the wide elegant streets of Rangoon as it was during British rule before WW2, and many other exotic and touching sights, ancient buildings, landscapes and the people of many ethnic origins. The ancient oil wells, the ever present pagodas, the daily procession of the monks and elephants skilfully trained to do their difficult work moving the great trunks of teak to the mighty rivers. The author's family and other people she met left her with many documents and photographs from the past and the images here tell us many stories. The sadness and frustration of the Burmese during colonial times but also carefree schooldays. Small numbers embraced Christianity and very plain churches could sometimes be seen in the Buddhist villages and towns. A book which says very little in words, but is a unique and fascinating record from Burma's troubled past.
ISBN: 9781788763967
Type: Paperback
Pages: 120
Published: 8 June 2018
Price: $10.25

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