Saddle Up!

Settle down by a coal fire and enjoy the cheer of a traditional English 'alehouse'. The Saddle Inn, in blustery Blackpool, dates back to the mid-1600s and has only three small rooms - but a big heart. Over the years this popular corner pub has welcomed many colourful characters, though its landlords have also been noteable and eccentric - barring some drinkers for speaking French; or for daring to poke the fires, or even for stuttering. Meet jazz veteran and flyfishing expert Stormin' Norman; along with long-distance window cleaner Derek, who survived on Nazi rice pudding, and not forgetting the inimitable J.R. - a devil at the dominoes, and with the ladies. Seasoned local reporter Roy Edmonds savoured a drink with them all and raises his glass and pen to them in this cartoon-illustrated, laughter-filled guide.
ISBN: 9781908895554
Type: Paperback
Pages: 38
Published: 27 January 2012
Price: $5.65

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