The Sentimental Assassin

Writer Samuel Stone is holidaying in northern Majorca, but sadly alone. The former journalist becomes intrigued by a distant landmark, an apparent ruin and former film setting beneath mountains, where fresh activity is evident. Stone also finds his hotel's assistant manager, Valentina, equally interesting, as well as an exotic naked swimmer who, though only briefly encountered, now haunts his thoughts. His unexpected holiday would be an opportunity, he hoped, to explore fresh pastimes and come to terms with tragedies still troubling him. However there is also danger, for anyone too curious about the luxurious resort's wealthy yet reclusive visitors. Jealousy and still worse evils lie hidden beneath the placid waters of Pollensa Bay. This light thriller and romance in a beautiful setting is a page-turner, full of unexpected twists, passion and humour too, but also with an uplifting and spiritual undertone. It is the 13th book in the popular Sam Stone series but also a stand-alone novel that will delightfully transport and engage you.
ISBN: 9781803028279
Type: Paperback
Pages: 194
Published: 14 June 2023
Price: $11.95

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