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Born in Urmston, Manchester, in 1949 and educated there. First trained to be a surveyor, then became a journalist and worked on magazines and newspapers around Britain, particularly Blackpool, then overseas, mainly South China Morning Post in Hong Kong, Sydney Telegraph and Australian Associated Press. Won news awards in Hong Kong before returning to Britain. Married and lives in Great Marton, Blackpool, on Lancashire's Fylde coast off the Irish Sea. Interests include tennis, bridge, horse riding holidays, dancing and writing fiction and humorous memoir as a hobby. Also enjoys real ale (when allowed) and dining out (when in funds). Has self-published more than 20 books through FeedARead and Amazon. Still writes a humorous column in The Gazette, Blackpool. Roy lives humbly but with humour and gratitude while entertaining a growing following internationally on his wbsite - - along with racy collaborator Ed Black and watched over by She Who Knows.

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Young city reporter Clive Hilton inherits an old, terraced cottage near the lively Lancashire resort of Blackpool. He aims to modernise then sell it. However, Clive becomes intrigued by the mysterious death of former householder Jack Waddington a century ....
ISBN: 9781784076948
Published: 13 May 2014
Village painter Will Wakefield takes care over decorating, though his real passion is the fine art he paints at home.Bachelor Will is wary of single female customers in picturesque Willow Green. However, deaths among elderly ladies in retirment apartments....
ISBN: 9781782992479
Published: 14 March 2013
When famous comedian Ted Roker is found shot dead at his home on the beautiful Lancashire coast, freelance reporter Sam Stone refuses to accept that it is suicide. He investigates and, with the reluctant help of police contacts, uncovers a web of deceipt ....
ISBN: 9781786107824
Published: 22 February 2016
Developer Edward Brown discovers he has only months to live. He wants to provide for his family's future but must first salvage a resort site in Sri Lanka. An almost impossible task awaits him. But in this historic and beautiful setting he also discovers ....
ISBN: 9781782997016
Published: 16 July 2013
Freelance reporter Sam Stone is under a cloud, despite a new home in the idyllic English countryside of the Fylde coast. He is missing the woman he loves. While brooding upon a worthier spiritual life, he learns that she really is missing - and desperatel....
ISBN: 9781786977199
Published: 9 March 2017
Writer Bill Winters is preparing to move with wife Bella to an apartment on Lancashire's coast. But when a friend dies suddenly after confessing a terrible secret, Bill decides to investigate. A trail into the past leads the couple on what may be their fi....
ISBN: 9781781769249
Published: 9 November 2012
A strongly drawn and engaging light thriller and romance, full of dark depths yet at times as beautiful as Coniston Water besides which it is set. This uplifting page-turner rejoices in England's Lake District, as freelance writer Sam Stone seeks refuge a....
ISBN: 9781839458620
Published: 31 March 2021
A light thriller with romance, humour and a timely twist . . . Former hell-raiser and newsman George Reed awakes to our politically correct, digital world - 25 years after being frozen in a medical experiment. Still aged 35, he now has a pension; is grand....
ISBN: 9781781767917
Published: 28 September 2012
Daniel Hadley is explaining to a hospital nurse how he met his great love 50 years before. It was a meeting of different cultures in exotic locations, now more vivid to him than this changed life he struggles to understand. While the former journalist's r....
ISBN: 9781803027326
Published: 27 January 2023
At the sunset of our years life is not black. The view upon reaching journey's end is glorious, with a glimmer of light always gathering upon the horizon . . . Veteran columnist Roy Edmonds reaches 70, turns his back on all the bad news and paints a brigh....
ISBN: 9781839453625
Published: 9 July 2020
Roy Edmonds reported on and edited local papers around the world. His shortest stay was 25 minutes, his longest 25 years - on Lancashire's Fylde coast. He lives there still, beside the bright lights of Blackpool, after being made redundant by a new piece ....
ISBN: 9781786974617
Published: 4 November 2016
IS this the last of Sam Stone? The Lancashire-based reporter's worst nightmares come alive as shattering blows endanger his hopes and dreams. A vicious election campaign of hate darkens his beloved Irish Sea coast of the Fylde, driving fearful wedges betw....
ISBN: 9781839454110
Published: 21 August 2020
Arthur Knight is a man of glamorous secrets and an old rogue. His private life comes under the spotlight after a suspicious death in apartments where he lives on the Lancashire coast in Lytham, one of England's most sought-after locations. When Knight's a....
ISBN: 9781785106279
Published: 17 March 2015
A young man's journey to find romance, riches and the good life. This novella is followed by short stories Adult Beginners (ballroom dancing); Advantage Love (tennis), and The Chance Reunion (a fitting finish).
ISBN: 9781781766538
Published: 17 August 2012
When seasoned reporter Alfie Bliss takes early retirement from his local paper, he looks forward to a life of leisure playing tennis on Lancashire's Fylde coast and horse riding in the Lake District and North Wales.He also relives past, worldly misadventu....
ISBN: 9781781760574
Published: 24 February 2012
A playful family outing in the local park turns to terror as a police drugs swoop goes dangerously wrong. Reporter Sam Stone proves a hero, but then becomes enmeshed in a vicious underworld conflict. It puts himself and those he loves at risk, while a nig....
ISBN: 9781788761864
Published: 1 January 2018
After "failing at everything else", Roy Edmonds travelled around Britain then across the world - reporting for local newspapers. He was searching for adventure and romance but instead found humour, humility and finally, where he least expected it, love. -....
ISBN: 9781786101822
Published: 6 October 2015
Number 11 in the Sam Stone investigates series, but also a stand-alone novel. This highly readable light-thriller/romance has an uplifting spiritual theme which treads that narrow, changing path between so-called saints and sinners.A murder-mystery set on....
ISBN: 9781803024011
Published: 25 February 2022
Free-roaming reporter and novelist Sam Stone returns to the Fylde coast of Lancashire, after a year away recovering from past troubles. However, fresh dramas and a haunting experience await the tough but handsome local hero as he sets up a new home in an ....
ISBN: 9781803020693
Published: 23 July 2021
Settle down by a coal fire and enjoy the cheer of a traditional English 'alehouse'. The Saddle Inn, in blustery Blackpool, dates back to the mid-1600s and has only three small rooms - but a big heart.Over the years this popular corner pub has welcomed man....
ISBN: 9781908895554
Published: 27 January 2012
A young, immigrant woman's body - found in an expensive limousine abandoned on the seashore - brings an elite police squad to the Fylde coast of Lancashire. Former journalist and author Sam Stone is drawn into the mystery of her identity and death. Howeve....
ISBN: 9781803025827
Published: 29 July 2022
From an inner-city 'jungle', this inspiring story will charm and uplift readers of all ages, from 14 upwards - even to the long-lived and world weary! Rammy 'G' is an abandoned baby, left at an isolated children's home amid the rubble of a demolition site....
ISBN: 9781803022567
Published: 11 November 2021
After lockdown this is a short, entertaining guide to a long and happy life - by a worldly, local journalist and author living on borrowed time. There are some who have called retired reporter Roy Edmonds a curmudgeon. But, at heart, the veteran columnist....
ISBN: 9781839459665
Published: 24 May 2021
No one is an island . . . but the troubled, good-looking man on the Flying Dolphin ferry from Athens is seeking escape upon one, along with redemption from tragedy. Freelance journalist and writer Sam Stone takes refuge on a Greek island where his first l....
ISBN: 9781839456077
Published: 3 December 2020
Coming soon . . . older age! We all have to face it but sometimes forget it's a privilege not everyone gets to enjoy. Author Roy Edmonds relishes it more than any previous time in his colourful life as well-travelled journalist then thriller and romantic ....
ISBN: 9781788762038
Published: 25 January 2018
Humorous memoir of a local journalist who worked in places as diverse as Blackpool and Hong Kong, Oswestry and Sydney.
ISBN: 9781781765036
Published: 30 June 2012
Bookseller Patrick Fermour is as brave and good as any of the heroes in his quaint shop's novels, or even from his illustrious family. At least, he is quietly heroic to his young daughter Amy, who idolises her gentle father above all the famous thriller w....
ISBN: 9781839452901
Published: 6 May 2020
'We'll meet somewhere beyond the shore . . .' A haunted figure stalks Lancashire's holiday coastline, as freelance reporter Sam Stone probes a tragic love story and mystery that takes him to Paris and the romantic but dangerous world of Mister Blues. This....
ISBN: 9781788767514
Published: 19 March 2019
The cosy world of rural journalist Archie Brownsett is falling apart, like a nightmare. But then he comes upon Discovery, a magnificent galleon in a remote Welsh resort. She is manned by a curious, international crew under the heroic captain Vasco. Archie....
ISBN: 9781786979643
Published: 30 August 2017
The fourth 'Sam Stone Investigates' novel, but also a stand-alone light thriller and romance. This compelling mystery is set against the historic backdrop of medieval Conway, near Snowdonia, and also on the dramatic Sheep's Head Peninsula of County Cork, ....
ISBN: 9781788763882
Published: 8 June 2018
An amusing, uplifting collection of newspaper columns, illustrated by occasional cartoons, from Lancashire journalist and author Roy Edmonds. Here are his first - and 'last'- greetings to readers in a 'chequered' life beside the British seaside and overse....
ISBN: 9781788765527
Published: 10 October 2018
Reporter Sam Stone's success in life is unravelling as he slips into his 30s on the Fylde coast of Lancashire. Has the handsome but troubled freelance met his match in an intriguing romance in Manchester's Chinatown? Delightful and dynamic Zan-Zu runs an ....
ISBN: 9781839450013
Published: 12 September 2019