Spirit of '55 - Fighting the Curse in 2013

Thirty-five years of spectacular underachievement by Warrington’s Rugby League team has been followed by three Challenge Cup wins and a league leaders shield from 2009. Still the wait since 1955 to become Champions goes on. This book gives a fans eye view of the 2013 season, with extended versions of reports published in the Warrington Guardian newspaper. In amongst the reports there are other chapters including ones on the current state of the game in general, theories on why Australia dominate the sport, other sporting ‘curses’ being broken and sports stars who were experts at performing under pressure and the lessons Warrington could learn from them and a look at the 1955 team. As with any sporting season it was something of a rollercoaster ride, plenty of ups and downs and head spinning drama. Warrington fans have waited long enough, surely it’s their turn, but as Leeds showed last year sport writes its own script and there are no rehearsals, only live shows and nobody knows the outcome until it occurs. A season full of spectacular tries, bone shuddering hits and thrilling matches will end with one team securing ultimate glory, but will it be Warrington?
ISBN: 9781784074104
Type: Paperback
Pages: 215
Published: 11 February 2014
Price: $12.65

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