Stories from the Koran

Highlighted and commented on in this book are some stories mentioned in the Koran and the Books of Sunna, books in which the Prophet’s authentically-traced-back prophetical sayings and speeches are compiled. Not being a story-book, the Koran does not introduce the details of a story as a whole unite cited in one place in the Book, but the details of its stories are, for the most part, scattered in the course of the chapters, and in some cases amid the verses, in a way that might appear to the reader as if they were haphazardly narrated. Still, anyone who browses the Koran’s chapters is also apt to find that a certain story, like that of Moses and the Pharaoh, for example, is narrated in many different styles of words through many different chapters, and, moreover, that a later narration of the story regarding the Koran chapter’s order may introduce a new detail that was “neglected” in a former citation. It is not difficult to trace up the “start line” of a story, however. The Jewish and the Christian readers here will easily “discover” that some details of these stories are already mentioned in the New Testament and the Old Testament, though the majority of the others are “exclusive”. Nevertheless, it is well to remind ourselves that neither the Koran, nor the Old Testament, nor the New Testament were story-books; nor was Moses, or Jesus, or Muhammad a storyteller, but as the Koran put it: “There was a sermon in their stories for people of understanding; it is not a speech that was being fabricated. It is but a confirmation to those which had been revealed before it (the former Holley Books), a detail of everything, and a guide and mercy for people who do believe.” [Chap.12: V.111].
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