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Born in 1972, F. M. Mossa is a writer for both adults and children. He has been working as a school-librarian since 1999.

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Muslims' Tales introduces interesting versions of the stories of Adam and Eve, Noah and the Ark, Abraham and Sarah, Joseph and Ancient Egypt in the days of the famine, Moses and the Pharaoh, King David of old and King Solomon, Mary and Jesus, as well as m....
ISBN: 9781788761291
Published: 22 November 2017
Scattered here and there in the Quran and the Books of Sunna—books in which the Prophet’s authentically-traced-back sayings and speeches are compiled—are numerous future incidents that, according to Muslims beliefs, will inevitably take place in the ordin....
ISBN: 9781788761284
Published: 22 November 2017
Highlighted and commented on in this book are some stories mentioned in the Koran and the Books of Sunna, books in which the Prophet’s authentically-traced-back prophetical sayings and speeches are compiled. Not being a story-book, the Koran does not intr....
ISBN: 9781786974945
Published: 30 November 2016
تشتمل كتب السنة النبوية على العديد من الأحاديث النبوية التي تقدم عدداً من الإشارات عن أحداث مستقبلية، والتي وفقاً لعقيدة المسلمين سوف تقع لا محالة خلال المَجْرى الطبيعي للأحداث قبل قيام الساعة. وهذه الأحاديث النبوية التي تحمل إشارات أو تبين بشكل صريح علام....
ISBN: 9781786975881
Published: 14 December 2016