A story set around the coastal plain of South Wales around 1650 and 2003/2004. After the death of his wife Michael Dane, a successful smuggler, moves to Aberthaw under a new name and in order to carry on smuggling, his daughter is sent away to Tumbledown with her aunt. She plots to kill The High Sheriff of Barry, Steven Stone, who she holds responsible for her mother’s death. During her time at Fonmon Castle she is instructed by Cathryn of Aberthaw about a craft regarded as witchcraft. Rose Molly also meets and falls in love with Cathryn’s brother. But things do not go to plan when Rose Molly discovers she is pregnant and the man she loves is Steven Stone. In 2003 a paranormal investigator called Nadine Brewer meets a spirit called Rose Molly at the Traherne Arms Tumbledown. Rose Molly sends Nadine to look for a book at the Blue Anchor Aberthaw and during the ghost hunt Nadine and her crew known as Spirit Chasers encounter another spirit called Cathryn who warns them about a forth coming fire at the Inn, but this is overlooked when Nadine discovers the book has her name inside it next to Rose Molly.
ISBN: 9781782992813
Type: Paperback
Pages: 280
Published: 29 March 2013
Price: $12.95

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