The Archer Trilogy

The Archer Trilogy consists of all three books in the Archer series. Our Fragile Lives, The Archer Twins, and Life Goes On. Follow the trials and tribulations faced by an East Midland family trying to do the right thing by their beautiful but retarded sixteen year old backward daughter Verity.When they learn she is pregnant, her sister June thinks she knows the man responsible and is willing to do everything in her power to protect him. Rash decisions lead to death and destruction and are greatly regretted in hindsight. Lives are lost, relationships are tested and secrets and lies threaten to surface at any moment. When the truth is eventually unearthed, legal and ethical problems threaten June and her husband Mike, while unkind accusations put a strain on the whole family. Set in England, Portugal and Australia, the down to earth characters will capture your heart, make you laugh and occasionally cause you to shed a tear. But when you reach the last page, I hope you will agree that it was an enjoyable experience.
ISBN: 9781781767238
Type: Paperback
Pages: 720
Published: 6 September 2012
Price: $17.25

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