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Life Goes On concludes The Archer Trilogy. Mike's father, Richard Archer, comes to the rescue regarding William's falsified birth certificate.Mike abandons his attempts to write a novel and comes to terms with monogamy. Connie Bonetti and her new love int....
ISBN: 9781781768976
Published: 1 November 2012
When Lily accidentally kills her cousin Edith during an argument,her deranged mother with uncanny, psychic ability, together with her sex crazed, father, make matters worse by insisting on concealing the crime. Against her better judgement, Lily goes alon....
ISBN: 9781785106262
Published: 17 March 2015
A human drama set in the East Midlands and Cornwall England. It tells the tale of a family and the trials and tribulations that they are faced with. It tells of how a decision made with the very best of intentions isn't always the best decision. It shows ....
ISBN: 9781781769225
Published: 9 November 2012
Four elderly women from completely different backgrounds find themselves sharing a room in a remote nursing home in Australia.They decide to share their life stories including regrets, crimes and misdemeanors. Nurse Sheila Barrett,a middle aged spinster w....
ISBN: 9781784074739
Published: 5 March 2014
The Archer Trilogy consists of all three books in the Archer series. Our Fragile Lives, The Archer Twins, and Life Goes On. Follow the trials and tribulations faced by an East Midland family trying to do the right thing by their beautiful but retarded six....
ISBN: 9781781767238
Published: 6 September 2012
A continuation of Our Fragile Lives. The Archer Twins is set in Oxford and Cornwall. June and Mike Archer lied when they claimed to have twins.The lie was intended to protect June's sister from scandal and keep Mike's sexual encounter with the sixteen yea....
ISBN: 9781781766552
Published: 17 August 2012