The Awakening

When Dan Evans' wife leaves him he slips into self-pity, even though he knows he refused to listen to her plea for a cruelty-free lifestyle. Finally awakened from his sleep of sorrow by taking a leaflet from an animal rights activist he is amazed at how his world begins to open up once he discovers the true meaning of compassion for himself. Pursuing the woman who has affected him so powerfully he is accepted by her friends and is transformed from a meat eater to a healthy vegan; the companionship of Marmy the cat brings happiness to Dan again. He is not content to sit back and before long he is working undercover in an appalling lab and witnessing the mindless cruelty for himself. Rocked by a tragic accident he takes the reins and organises the raid that sees many Beagles liberated from their torture. Only then are his eyes truly open to the spiritual world which he can use to help the animals. His love for Jaen endures and although he makes mistakes as he learns to do the stalls he comes through to carry the vegan message and try to win the hand of the woman he loves.
ISBN: 9781786100429
Type: Paperback
Pages: 172
Published: 11 August 2015
Price: $11.95

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