Whittle's Vampires

In an isolated moorland village a young girl arrives to claim her inheritance, an old, rather decrepit mansion that her uncle left her in his will. Having nursed her parents and watch them die, one after the other, Verity craves solitude and peace after such traumatic times but sadly Coombe Heights is no sanctuary. Set in the 1800s this Gothic story unfolds as the vampires arrive and slowly take over the village, always pursued by Frederick Pyne with his sidekick Lawrence Grey. Rumours abound as to how Verity's uncle lived and died and we build up a picture of his life as the story gathers pace. Involved in the drama from the word go Verity is not impervious to the vampire hunter's charms; nor he to hers and this is as much a love story as it is a tale of bloodsuckers. Destroying vampire after vampire, using the love vibration to weaken them, Frederick is faced with the hardest challenge of all...the evil Alphonso Darling who is preparing to bring the ultimate Master into the country. Having seen and been affected by Verity's beauty she is determined to put herself forward as the bait to entrap this sinister man but the plan is very dangerous... Verity's maid, Liddy, provides some light relief with her snooping and gossip but her devotion to her mistress helps Verity through some difficult times. Knowing, once the vampires are destroyed, Frederick will leave Verity is torn and has to sort out her true feelings for the man who has to capture and kill her uncle in order to bring peace to the village again. However, before he leaves, words are said and feelings revealed that make him the happiest of men. However, Frederick should be aware that love is distracting and promises made may not come to fruition as the shocking end of this novel reveals. A sequel is being planned so all may not be lost.
ISBN: 9781839453090
Type: Paperback
Pages: 194
Published: 19 May 2020
Price: $11.95

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