The French King's Hoard

Research student, Rosa Kirby, makes an intriguing discovery in old parish records. A scrap of paper suggests that King Louis of France sent a huge fortune to the south of England to support reinforcements for Bonnie Prince Charlie's failing rebellion. Might it have been possible? There's no record that the treasure had ever been used or discovered. She takes a holiday break to explore the Dorset hills and to see what she can discover. Her quest takes her into the rural community and, taking a few local people into her confidence, she finds both strong support and romance with Glen, a dairy herdsman. His practical ingenuity enables the search to progrees deeper and deeper into the Purbeck Hills, chasing one theory after another. They are even brought into chance conflict with a ruthless industrial spy, with MI6 taking an interest and suspecting them of nefarious involvement. Rosa encounters hair-raising dangers as she delves persistantly into the mystery. After successive disappointments, will The French King's Hoard ever be uncovered?
ISBN: 9781784079369
Type: Paperback
Pages: 420
Published: 6 February 2024
Price: $12.53

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