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Duncan Shepherd enjoyed two very busy careers in Agriculture and in Further Education before giving in to his 'back burner' enjoyment of writing fiction. Magazine articles and short plays have appeared in parallel to his career work, but now those highly original and entertaining novels are coming forth. His first work - 'The French King's Hoard' - dealt with a research student's quest for a long lost wealth hidden in the Dorset countryside. Her endeavours bring her into contact with delightful farming characters and a ruthless industrial spy. Just when you think the plot is about wrapped up, the unexpected keeps popping up. Duncan Shepherd's secret hobby is exploring the UK's waterways in a small cabin craft which he built in the garage. His experiences led to 'Restless Waters', another novel with creative plotting, inspired by characters seen on and around the River Thames. Again, twists and double twists bring the varied characters together, almost randomly, as only the confines of the river banks can. The third novel has recently taken its place on the laptop and the plot is evolving even now. Also, a television play, restricted to notebooks long ago, is beginning to take positive shape. Duncan is married and lives in central Hampshire, not too far from from his close family and a growing tribe of much loved grandchildren.

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The River Thames in late August: towards the end of the main boating season. Amongst the flotillas passing up and downstream are a number of colourful characters who are brought together by the nature of the river itself, resulting in their lives interwea....
ISBN: 9781784073534
Published: 23 January 2014
Research student, Rosa Kirby, makes an intriguing discovery in old parish records. A scrap of paper suggests that King Louis of France sent a huge fortune to the south of England to support reinforcements for Bonnie Prince Charlie's failing rebellion. Mig....
ISBN: 9781784079369
Published: 1 August 2014