The Higher Duty

Volume 1 of the Captain's Honour trilogy: 2342: Thanks to the sacrifice of an elderly Klingon, ten-year-old Jimmy Mackenzie survives the massacre of his colony by an unknown race of aliens that he calls the Grey Monsters. The boy's story is dismissed by the authorities who record the incident as 'just another pirate raid'. 2375: The Grey Monsters have returned. For five years, war has raged across the galaxy and the Federation is not doing so well. Answering a distress call, two ships and two captains meet by chance, and a friendship is born. When tragedy strikes, James Mackenzie, now in command of the USS Endeavour, and Krang epetai Inigan must disobey their orders and fight together against overwhelming odds to defeat their enemy. A story of duty, honour, loyalty - and above all, love.
ISBN: 9781835970386
Type: Paperback
Pages: 382
Published: 13 February 2024
Price: $11.38

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