The Long, Dark Night

The war has been over for sixteen years. Krang and Chrissie have come a long way, making a life for themselves and their children on Frontera. KRang has founded FedKIN, an organisation intended to liaise with the intelligence agencies of the various planets of the Federation. As an ex Imperial Intelligence officer, it is the perfect role for Krang, even if it keeps him far too busy for Chrissie's liking. Rhiana too has come a long way. Unofficially exiled from her own people, she is nevertheless happily married and enjoying her rols as second in command of FedKIN. Everything changes when she is sent on an urgent and very dangerous undercover mission. There are good reasons why senior personnel do not go into the field, and concerned for her safety, Security Captain Moragh sends a cloaked ship to monitor her progress. But in the end, it is not Rhiana who is the target. The new children's play park should have been a safe place, but on a day out with his daughter and infant grandson, Arwen's request for ice cream has tragic consequences. Somehow, the impossible happens and KRang vanishes. His abduction shuts down the starbase and sparks a massive interstellar search, but as the weeks pass and no answers are found, hope wanes. As they wait for news, Krang's wife and children undergo their own long, dark night of the soul, and must come to terms with past tragedies and mistakes, which will either unite the Inigan family or tear them apart for ever.
ISBN: 9781803028323
Type: Paperback
Pages: 332
Published: 2 June 2023
Price: $10.82

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