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The Yautja, a race of technologically advanced hunters, long thought to be nothing more than legend have made contact – and they want to talk! General Khetara of the Imperial Klingon Vessel Ch’Tang and Captain Kehlan of The USS Endeavour are sent to meet ....
ISBN: 9781803022185
Published: 11 October 2021
Volume 2 of the Captain's Honour Series. Following the events of 'The Higher Duty', the IKS Hegh'Ta, under the command of Krang epetai Inigan, returns to Qo'noS for much needed repairs. Krang, and his fellow captain, Mackenzie of the USS Endeavour are hai....
ISBN: 9781803025285
Published: 14 June 2022
Volume 1 of the Captain's Honour trilogy: 2342: Thanks to the sacrifice of an elderly Klingon, ten-year-old Jimmy Mackenzie survives the massacre of his colony by an unknown race of aliens that he calls the Grey Monsters. The boy's story is dismissed by t....
ISBN: 9781835970386
Published: 13 February 2024
The war has been over for sixteen years. Krang and Chrissie have come a long way, making a life for themselves and their children on Frontera. KRang has founded FedKIN, an organisation intended to liaise with the intelligence agencies of the various plane....
ISBN: 9781803028323
Published: 2 June 2023