The Light Knights

Lizzie Longton meets Chaz Jackman on his first day at Markham High. He seems friendly enough, but there is something suspicious about him. Before Lizzie can find out more about this new boy in town, she’s off to Elvedom with her grandmother and Elwood for the summer holidays. They are greeted by the sad news of the death of King Elfred’s friend and ally, King Fyodor. They travel to Fairlandre – the land of the fairies – to attend King Fyodor’s funeral and, while in this magical land, they learn of the whereabouts of a third sacred relic, the Spear of Eldwin. With the help of her friends, Lizzie must now undertake a death-defying quest to retrieve the spear. Placed under a spell, they are transported to a place that they never thought possible and, with help from a band of Light Knights, they set out in search of the spear. Will Lizzie and her friends succeed? And if they do, can they make it safely back to Fairlandre and those they left behind?
ISBN: 9781788766463
Type: Paperback
Pages: 360
Published: 11 December 2018
Price: $11.47

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