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I dreamt of being a writer from when I first picked up something that would leave a legible mark on the page. Expressing myself through writing stories, poetry and plays has always been something that I felt compelled to do. An avid reader, particularly of fantasy novels from the likes of JRR Tolkein, CS Lewis, Terry Brooks, Terry Pratchett and Robert Rankin amongst a host of others, plus a love of all things mythological and magical, I knew that one day I would write a children’s fantasy story. Like most authors, even those writing of imaginary worlds, I called upon my own life experiences and the traits and personalities of loved ones (and not so loved ones!) to create a whole new existence. And so, The Long Ears Legacy was born. The Harp of Elvyth became the first book in the series and it follows the adventures of a young girl, Lizzie Longton, as she makes her way through two quite different parallel worlds. One with all the everyday realities of living in the human world and the other filled with magic and mystery. Book two, The Dragon Flyers and book three, The Light Knights continue Lizzie’s story and I am currently working on the final book in the series. I'm proud to say that the books have received fantastic reviews and feedback from readers from all over this planet, from the UK and Europe to the US and Canada and from Australia to Asia. A born and bred Londoner, I currently live in Lincolnshire England with my family (who might recognise bits of themselves in the books) and our two dogs Wally and Luna. So, my message to all you prospective writers out there is, go for it! Follow your dreams and they will come true, one way or another. Don’t forget, in the words of that old adage - “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

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Back home and faced with having to cope with her lonely life in Chislewick, Lizzie Longton is thrilled by an urgent summons to Elvedom. Upon her arrival, she discovers that the dreaded Duke Eldorth and his evil sidekick, the slovenly witch Melisha, are st....
ISBN: 9781784079307
Published: 28 July 2014
On Mother Earth’s parallel world of Elvedom, trouble is brewing. Four sacred relics have been stolen and hidden away by the evil Duke Eldorth.In the parallel world of humans, Lizzie Longton lives with her eccentric but adoring grandmother. Lizzie has alwa....
ISBN: 9781782998402
Published: 14 April 2015
Lizzie Longton meets Chaz Jackman on his first day at Markham High. He seems friendly enough, but there is something suspicious about him. Before Lizzie can find out more about this new boy in town, she’s off to Elvedom with her grandmother and Elwood for....
ISBN: 9781788766463
Published: 11 December 2018