The Purple Shoes

Polly’s new life in the beach house is relaxing and peaceful, the ideal antidote for heartbreak! The unused house was inherited by Polly’s best friend Millie, a famous model. Millie persuaded her to live in the house on the beach, under the healing Spanish sun and Polly’s broken heart is soon cured by the magic of her new life-style and the beauty of her Mediterranean surroundings. Eventually Polly finds love and happiness once again. Millie is to star in a fashion show in nearby Alicante and invites Polly to be her guest of honour! This news throws Polly into a frenzy of finding the perfect outfit and she discovers ‘the most amazing dress’ almost immediately! The perfect shoes however prove harder to find. Eventually Polly finds her dream pair of shoes, but they don’t come alone! They bring with them danger and disruption and suddenly this idyllic corner of the Mediterranean is thrown into the unknown world of kidnap, drugs and smuggling. Polly is horrified when Millie is kidnapped, and goes into shock when she sees her brother Tony felled by a stray bullet during a gun fight on the beach – which takes place directly outside her front door!
ISBN: 9781784070144
Type: Paperback
Pages: 323
Published: 27 September 2013
Price: $12.95

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