The Setian

By Billie Walker John and Melusine Draco and Alan Richardson
The Egyptian neter Set is rarely dealt with in-depth in popular renditions of ancient Egyptian mythological figures. His image in such works are stated as merely being the evil murderer of his brother Osiris, who was eventually defeated by his nephew Horus, the son of Osiris and Isis. Yet Set was much more than the bad guy that has come down to us via re-told myths. In The Setian, Billie Walker-John tells the story of this most unloved of all the ancient Egyptian gods, and his vitally important role in the Mysteries of the Shadows. Set the Golden Set the Mighty Set of Nubt
ISBN: 9781786971395
Type: Paperback
Pages: 104
Published: 7 July 2016
Price: $10.25

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