Death and the Pagan

By Philip Wright and Carrie West
For most pagans, theirs is a benign, benevolent deity who will shortly welcome the deceased into the Summerlands. Their funerals are conducted by a member of the family, a close friend - or a member of the pagan priesthood brought in to officiate, even though they are not from the deceased's own Path or Tradition, and may not have been known to the person whose funeral they are conducting. For the Traditionalists, however, things are much more hazardous and most believe that only an Initiate from their own faith can set them on the Path to meet their Ancestors. Death and the Pagan explores the different funerary practices od the various pagan beliefs in a way that will be useful, not only to the pagan community, but also for members of the caring professionals and the funerary industry.
ISBN: 9781786970671
Type: Paperback
Pages: 108
Published: 9 March 2021
Price: $10.25

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