The Thirteenth Sign

"Theatre des Vampires without the cast," said Jack glumly, referring to the fictitious location in the Boulevard du Temple of Vampire Chronicles fame. "Where's the spine-tingling depravity of our home from home?" he added, raising his voice theatrically trying to instil a sense of horror into the proceedings. "For the benefit of the uninitiated," said Chrissie, "the Boulevard du Temple, as its name suggests, refers to the nearby Knights Templar's stronghold where they established their Paris priory. After a time, it was nicknamed the 'Boulevard du Crime' after the crime melodramas that were so popular in its many theatres ..." she added sarcastically. "So, where's the violence, the murder and the suicide that's dogged the family down through the ages. I want bodies hurtling from the roof ... insanity ..." Jack disclaimed dramatically like some old Shakespearean ham. The current members of the Temple House, or 'the Nine' as they are called in memory of the nine founder members of the original Order, are all specialists and magical practitioners in the diverse fields of occultism and its relevant histories. Led by charismatic Professors Aliona de Foresta and Robert Sands, the members of the Temple House embark on another series of paranormal investigations sparked off when they are called in to deal with a primitive African-cult manifesting in Central London; a haunted house in the West Country; and an on-line business for curses by mail-order - all with deadly results.
ISBN: 9781788766395
Type: Paperback
Pages: 252
Published: 7 December 2018
Price: $12.95

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