The Sun Behind The Cloud

The Sun Behind The Cloud delineates the microscopic history of the colonial encounter between Bhaskararao Bhave of Peshwa dynasty of Naragund Kingdom in South India and the authorities of East India Company around 1857. Exasperated by the Political Agent of South India, Mr. Manson's refusal of permission to adopt a legal heir to his kingdom, he attacks the latter and kills him inadvertantly arousing the anger of the East India Company. He rallies the like minded neighbouring kings and wages a war against the East India Company, but unfortunately he loses the war to the Company as he is betrayed by his own officials like Banya Bapu and Krishnaji Pant. Consequently he loses his kingdom and flees leaving his mother and wife to their fate. However he is arrested, imprisoned, tried and ordered to be hanged to death. But ironically enough his confidant servant impersonates him and gets himself hanged in his name. The real Bhaskararao escapes from the noose, goes to Nepal and lives in disguise until his death.
ISBN: 9781781766293
Type: Paperback
Pages: 364
Published: 7 August 2012
Price: $12.95