Its only a game, what harm can it do? What does a parent do when their child becomes so obsessed with playing a game that it changes them profoundly? What does a parent do when discipline is meaningless and ineffective? Matthew loves playing Xyntor but his obsession drives him to rebel against his parents. It starts to destroy his life and the safe world in which he lives. His personality changes and the young boy his parents loved becomes a stranger, violent and degenerate. Leaving home he lives in the underworld until rescued by his parents. But who have they rescued? Their son has become a violent and disturbed stranger who hates who he used to be. Xyntor is a story of our time. It explores the effects violent computer games have on an immature mind and how his parents fail to cope. A young boy's obsession with a computer game leads to devastating consequences for both him and his family. He enters a world of degenerate and manipulative low life. As he declines into a life of drugs and crime he loses the ability to distinguish between reality and fantasy. Is he in the real world or the fantasy world of Xyntor? The streets that are his new home become his reality but his mind dwells in the fantasy world. Gradually the world of Xyntor is woven into the story as Matthew's world twists and turns. The line between fantasy and reality becomes blurred as Xyntor starts to mirror his new life. Matthew shows only contempt for his parents who are replaced in his imagination by a warrior soldier Kylama. He becomes a key player in the survival of the world of Xyntor and his own fate is tied in with the war and his new mentor. Finally he pays the ultimate price as his short tortured life comes to an end.
ISBN: 9781788764063
Type: Paperback
Pages: 334
Published: 20 June 2018
Price: $12.95

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